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(I work cashier at a general store with anything you can think of being in stock, A woman walks in with a Keratin Cosmetic product that bills for over $56 USD. She immediately makes her own line and cuts in front of one customer, takes out the product and asks for a refund)

Me: “Ms. do you have the receipt?”

Her: [Stifled] “No I don’t but I would like a refund.”

Me: “Unfortunately, Ms if you do not have a receipt for the item I have to give it to you for 50% of the items value and on store credit.”

(Mind you, This is a corporate policy that I have no control over)

Her: [Outbursts enough for the people behind her to stare] “No but I come here all the time and I do it. They’ve let me do it before.”

Me: “I’m sorry Ms but it’s store policy.”

(She repeats the same thing four more times with my same answer, until I finally look over to my manager who is immediately to my right .)

Me: “Jane what is the procedure that we follow if the item does not have a receipt?”

(Jane literally explains the exact same thing over to this lady, who mind you, wants to return an item…that’s $56USD without a receipt expecting a full cash refund).

Her: “But I come here all the time!”

Jane: “I am sorry Ms. its store policy.”

(The woman then proceeds to storm out of the store).