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I work for a popular retailer that, for whatever reason (I’m guessing strict laws and large fees), will not sell alcohol in any of its stores only in this particular state.

Customer: *Approaches me at the entrance of the store* “Excuse me, where’s your beer?”

Me: “I’m sorry but we don’t sell any alcoholic drinks here.”

Customer: “But your store on [street in same city] does, yeah?”

Me: “Actually, none of our stores sell any here in New Mexico.”

Customer: “You’re wrong. I just bought some at that store the other day!”

Me: *knowing this can’t be true but not wanting to call him wrong* “Well, I’m sorry. That’s a first I’ve heard of that.”

Customer: “Well, you just don’t know anything! I’m going back there [to the grocery section] to get some!” *Begins to walk towards back.”

Me: *being the person who’s worked grocery for years at multiple [store] locations and knows what we do and don’t have* “…I can assure you we don’t have any back there!”

Customer: *Storms back out the store.*

After that I checked with a manager just to make sure the policy hadn’t changed for specific stores but she assured me it was still in place throughout the state.