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(I work in a seafood place where we have a lot of older customers therefore we offer a senior menu. I am taking a rather large groups order and everything is running smooth until I get to the last gentleman.)

Man: “Someone told me y’all do that new spicy seasoning on the senior grilled fish?”

(I’m a bit thrown off by this as we only do the spicy seasoning on grilled fish if requested.)

Me: “We can do that but we usually just put original seasoning on it.”

Man: “Okay well I want that tilapia but I don’t want the spicy seasoning on it.”

(I put in his order and his wife’s order. His wife orders the senior Whitefish and I thought it was odd that he pointed to the senior menu and said Tilapia as we do not have tilapia on our senior menu so I asked him to make sure which dinner he wanted. He proceeds to get rude with me and I bite my tongue and proceed with this transaction. Note: his wife ordered her fish without seasoning and he did not. He received his food and was very angry when he saw his wife’s fish didn’t have seasoning but his did.)

Man: “I wanted mine without seasoning!”

Me: “Sir, you did not tell me that but I will certainly fix it.”

Man: “No! I don’t want to wait!”

Me: “Well there’s not much else I can do.”

Man: “Well if I get sick, it’s your fault.”

Me: “No because I offered to fix the mistake.”

Man: “I demand tof speak to a manager!”

(I go and get my manager who asked if he would like us to fix it or bring him out a completely new fish while he keeps the one he has and he says he does not want to wait so she also tells him there’s not much else we can do. He continues to tell us that it’s our fault his order was wrong and if he gets sick it’s our fault. My manager looks at me irritated.)

Manager: “He should either be more clear or not here at all.”

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