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I’m a cashier at a convience store for a gas station, whose name includes a shape and a letter. I usually get angry customers over IDing for restricted sales items, but this was by far the weirdest I have gotten yet. A young gentleman comes in and asks for a single cigar. My usual tactic is to ask how old they are if i’m not sure what age to guess, and if they say any number under 30, I ask for ID.

Customer: I don’t have my ID with me

Me: Then I’m afraid I can’t sell it to your sir. Under 30, gotta see an ID.

Customer: *Mumbling* I’m gonna ask my girlfriend to do it.

I’m well aware of how this little routine goes. Customer sends in a friend to buy it for them, which is illegal as far as I know, and I have to turn the friend down because they probably are buying it for the IDless friend, and I end up getting yelled at and insulted. To try and forestall this, I go to the door and call to them.

Me: Sir! Just so you know, your girlfriend can’t buy it for you, it’s illegal.

Customer: I’m not buying it.

I’m hoping this’ll be the end of it, but yes indeed, the girlfriend comes in, munching on 1/3rd of a burrito or taco.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I can’t let you buy any tobacco because he doesn’t have any ID. There’s no way you can guarantee me you won’t hand it to him in the car. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Female Customer: I’m not buying it for him, it’s for me. I didn’t want to come in because I was eatting.

Me: I’m sorry but my hands are legally tied. I just can’t do it.

Female Customer: Whatever, I’ll buy it somewhere else.

This is usually the end of it. I get a rush of people, but while glancing over the store, I notice the gentleman is inside again at the drink counter, but shrug it off since he can buy anything he wants as long as it doesn’t require an ID. But when the rush is over, I see a bunch of cups standing on the drink counter and go over to clean up.

It’s not unusual after a rush for people to just leave empty cups on the counter, but imagine my surprise when i see each of the five or six 42 oz a little over half filled with different sodas. I have a sneaking suspicion who the culprit is when a customer standing there confirms it was the gentleman. This is petty, but not a big blow to me, so I shrug, pour out the soda and throw away the used cups. But when I turn around, I see he had also thrown some small bags of chips on the ground. I just rolled my eyes and picked them up. A quick check of the surveillance system recordings confirmed he did indeed come back and get his “revenge” for not being able to get his single cigar.

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