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A rather skinny woman and her female friend had ordered their drinks from another waiter while waiting for a table. When a table in my section got available, she and her friend took their drinks and got seated at that table.

Me: “Good evening! How can I help you?”
Lady: “I would like the lamb burger. But can I have it well done because I’m pregnant?”
Me: “Off course! And congratulations!”
Lady: “Thank you so much!”

Her friend ordered too. Some time later, I arrived with their food. She got her order exactly as she ordered.

Me: “Here you go! Enjoy your meal. Would you like anything else?”
Friend: “I’d like another glas of rosé wine.”
Lady: “Me too”
Me (obviously oblivious): “Off course! I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

I started to walk away, but the lady calls after me:

Lady: “Oh damn, I have no willpower!”

As usual when I don’t really get the situation, I turn around and give her a huge smile. Halfway going to the bar, I realised she was indeed drinking rosé, and had just ordered ANOTHER glass, while PREGNANT. So I went talking to the manager.

Me: “Ehm, a pregnant lady just ordered a glass of wine and It doesn’t seem right to me to give her alcohol.”
Manager: “Really?? That’s plain stupid. But if you already took the order, it’s too late to thell her no. Just bring her the wine. *ranting* I really don’t get why people would do that?!
Me: “Should I just tell her: “Here’s your Korsakov”?
Manager: *laughing* “Yeah, just do that!”

In the end, off course I didn’t say that, I just dropped of their drinks and asked if everything was alright. But actually, next time, I think I’ll call out someone who’s drinking while pregnant. It’s really not ok for a pregnant woman to drink alcohol. And I actually feel really bad serving it to them.