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(I work at a musical instrument store with multiple locations, each with slightly different inventory. As such, it’s pretty routine for a customer to order an item they found at another store.)

Customer: I bought something at *other location* and I want to order a matching one.

Me: Great! We can definitely do that for you. What was the item?

Customer: Oh just look up my purchase, tell me what it was, and get me another one. I don’t remember.

Me: Okay, can I have your name or do you have a brand/model number so I can find the purchase?

Customer: No.

(After going back and forth explaining I need some info to find what he bought, he finds a picture of the receipt on his phone).

Customer: This one right here. Get me that one. I’ll put *dollar amount* down and I’ll pay the rest when it gets here.

Me: Okay, first I just want to let you know that from the receipt it looks like you bought an old floor model at clearance price (not uncommon, and it’s a great way for customers to find awesome deals). The only ones available to order are brand new, so they’re full-price. Also, we can’t place special orders unless they’re paid in full.

Customer: Yes you can. *Store manager* lets me do it.

Me: I’m sorry sir, it’s company policy. To order something it has to be paid in full. (I know for a fact our manager would never let that happen, and had just talked to the staff that afternoon about people lying to get special treatment).

Customer: Fine. What’s the price again?

Me: *Reads full price*

Customer: *Expletive*! I bought one last week for *clearance price*!

Me: Yes sir, you purchased an older floor model and got an excellent deal. The only *item* currently available is brand new and therefore *full price*.

Customer: (In a rage). No it’s not! It’s *clearance price*, I got one last week! I’m going back to *other location*, where people are competent! (Storms out and almost knocks over several displays in anger)

Me: Okay, I’m sorry we couldn’t help you and I hope they help you find everything you need!

(After the customer leaves, I call the other location to give them a heads up they have an angry customer headed their way and explain the situation)

Location 2 Employee: I’m the one who sold him *item* last week, and I TOLD him everything you just did.

Me: Yeah just letting you know because he seemed convinced you’d get him *item*.

Location 2 Employee: Thanks man, and we totally will…for *full price*.