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I was at the first window, where I was taking payment during a rush. An old lady who hadn’t bothered to order at either of the two speakers gets out of her vehicle. I try to greet her to take her order, she snaps at me to wait until she gets her purse. She picks up all the coins from the ground on the way to her trunk, taking her sweet time, & gets her purse out of the trunk.

The person at the other window asks over the headset what’s holding things up. I try to explain, but the old lady snaps at me that I don’t need to talk to them & to take her order. I try punching her order into the till as she tells me what she wants, but she snaps at me that she just wants two chocolate pastries & just wants to hand me the money & get her pastries. I try to explain to her that I don’t have the price including tax memorized & need to punch it into the till so I know how much money to take from her.

As I complete the transaction she demands that they be fresh & informs me that she will be checking them to make sure at my window. She also demanded that they be in a box, not a bag. I inform them over the headset to put them in a box & bring them down to my window. She then gets in her car & drives to the other window, so I then have to inform them that she’s on her way to their window.

I have never wanted to punch an old lady so badly in my life.