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I was shopping when I noticed a woman following me through the isles. I have severe social anxiety and agoraphobia, so she was making me nervous. I tried to get my shopping done as fast as possible. It is important to this story to say that I am a very pale female.

Crazy lady: *grabs my basket* “Excuse me, but why do you dye your hair and wear contacts?”

Me: *surprised* “I dye my hair because my natural color doesn’t suit me, but I don’t wear contact lenses.” *walks away toward the check out*

CL: *grabs basket again to stop me again* “Why are you lying to me?” *louder* “STOP LYING TO ME! I KNOW YOU ARE AN ALBINO! You should be proud of who you are!”

Me: *starting to freak out* “I’m not an-”

CL: “Come here!” *reaches for my face*

It’s obvious from my reaction that I can’t tolerate being touched, but she keeps going until I’m backed into a corner. She then firmly grabs my face and tries to stick her finger in my eye to remove the nonexistent contact. I push her away from me, run to the other side of the store, and the entire time she is screaming about how I “assaulted” her. An employee who saw the whole thing and didn’t step in tries to calm her down while I have a panic attack near the registers.

CL: “I want her ARRESTED for pushing me!” *violently jabs her thumb in my direction*

A manager comes out from the back.

Manager to CL: “GET OUT OF MY STORE. You are banned.”

He then noticed me hyperventilating, walked over to me, handed me a fifty dollar gift card, and apologized for his employee not helping me. The cops had to be called on CL because she tried to assault two other people on the way out. It took me a long time to go back to that store to use my gift card.