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I am a Chef at a hotel. The kitchen has it’s own phone line which is used by vendors, other staff and family/friends attempting to reach myself or my colleagues. I get a phone call at 7am on a Sunday, when most of our suppliers are closed.
Me: “Hello Kitchen.”
Customer: “Hi, I would like to order room service please.”
Me: “I’m sorry Sir, I don’t have the means to take you order. Please call through to either reception or the restaurant and they’ll be able to help you.
Customer: “Why can’t you help me?”
Me: “Because I’m in the kitchen, am already extremely busy and I also don’t have access to a PoS system capable of taking your order.
Customer: “Well can’t you just write it down?! I want breakfast! You can take my order, it comes to you anyway!!”
Me: “No Sir, like I said, I don’t have access to a PoS system. If you could please call reception or the restaurant, they’d be more than happy to help you.”
-click- (They hung up.)

10 minutes later they call back. I’m in the middle of a rush so I grab the phone, pick it up and run back to man the line with the phone cradled in my neck.

Me: “Kitchen!”
Customer: “I want to order room service. Are you ready to take my order now?
Me: “I’m sorry Sir. Like I said earlier, I do not take your order. Please call either reception or the restaurant and they’ll be able to take your order. If you have any food related questions, you can also call the restaurant as they are well versed in our menus. Thank you and have a nice day.”

To avoid another phone-call I took the phone off the hook till the rush had passed. They never called back, and I never got an order for room service.

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