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(This story happened a couple of years ago. I was in line at a famous fast food restaurant where running for borders are quite important, behind a lady in the drive thru lane. I hear the following ahead of me.)

Customer: “Can I have a Mardi Gras?”

Employee: “Sorry, we don’t carry any Mardi Gras.”

Customer: “I heard somewhere that you have Mardi Gras!”

Employee: “Sorry, no Mardi Gras here.”

(finally the customer got the message and moved forward. I pulled up to the speaker and, having heard the whole thing, asked for a “Mardi Gras”. The employee told me the same thing she told the lady ahead of me, sounding like she was stifling a laugh. When I pulled up to the window, I was laughing, and the cashier looked just a little peeved.

Employee: “You know, when I said we didn’t have a Mardi Gras, the lady heard me and said “See? Someone else is asking for it as well!” I couldn’t tell her that ‘he’s MAKING FUN OF YOU!'”

(I felt a little bad. But not too bad. I think she thought it was funny though.)