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I work as a cashier at the deli/grill area inside the store. We have a soda fountain with Coke products located to the side of the counter, so customers buy the cups first and serve themselves. This takes place on a Sunday, our busiest day. My customer happens to be an elderly gentleman.

Me: That’ll be (total).

He doesn’t move or respond. Finally, after a moment:

Customer: I can’t get my wallet out of my pocket. Can you reach it for me?

I am stunned for a few seconds until I realize that his wallet is in his back pocket and he is legitimately unable to pull it free, so I get it for him. He pays without a problem.

Customer: Can I get some water?

Me: Of course, sir. We actually have water cups around the corner, so you can help yourself, but I can get it for you if you want.

Customer: Yes, please.

He goes to sit down with his food while I fill a water glass and bring it to his table. I set it right in front of him.

Me: Here you are, sir.

He doesn’t say anything. I have to return to the register at that point because I have more customers. A few minutes later, I see the same man walking past the counter with a second water glass, this time filled with Coke. I go up to him.

Me: Excuse me, you have to pay for that.

Customer: Huh?

Me: Sir, if you’re getting pop, you have to pay for it first.

Customer: (suddenly angry) I just wanted water!

Me: I brought you some water already. It’s on the table. The cup you have now has Coke in it and you need to pay for it.

Customer: I don’t want Coke, I want water! I’m not paying for this!

He thrusts the cup towards me and shuffles back to his seat. I don’t see him again that day. But after that, plus a few instances of customers stealing soda, my manager put up a sign reading “Plastic cups are for water only.”