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I manage a small trailer court that I live in. One of the tenants slipped on icy steps a couple of years ago and sued the owners, which she lost. Since she slipped she hasn’t paid rent on time (due on the 28th, late after the 1st. We’re going on 2 years that she’s paid late, We’ve never charged her a late fee). I looked back on the records and 75% are on the 2nd, 15% on the 3rd and 10% on the 4th and 5th. This month she called on the 2nd to tell me she had rent. I asked if she realized that she has been paying her rent late. She says that she made an arrangement with the owners that the rent was due on the 1st because that’s when she receives her disability. When I mentioned that it is now the 2nd she suddenly went quiet.