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(We usually have at least a few people lined up outside the store a few minutes before we open. this conversation takes place on a Sunday, right after we’ve opened the doors, as I’m checking someone out)

(The customer’s tone is irritated throughout the entire interaction)

Customer: You know it throws a lot of people off that you don’t open til 12:00

Me: Oh. Sorry. We’ve always opened at noon on Sundays.

Customer: No it really pissed a lot of people off. You wouldn’t believe how many people came up to the mall, saw the closed doors, shook their heads, and left.

Me: Well the mall doors have nothing to do with us. The mall owners are the ones who keep them locked right up until opening.

Customer: You should open earlier! In *nearby town* they open at 10 on Sundays!

Me: Maybe it’s busier down there on Sundays. But it’s not here. Plus we’ve always opened at noon.

Customer: You know people left, right!?

Me: Well even if we opened before noon, the mall would still be locked so you wouldn’t be able to get in here to shop in our open store anyway.

Customer: it’s ridiculous. opening at noon.

(I shrug)

Me: I think opening at noon on a Sunday is reasonable. Plus we’ve always opened at noon.