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It’s a rainy spring day and quite cold, naturally I’m out manning the Outside Garden register with my jacket and a small heater. A customer approaches with a single small plant.

Me: Hi! Is that all for today?

Customer #1: (In a heavy latino accent, broken english) How much for this?

Me: $2.50 per plant, they are 4 for $10

Customer #1: Oh okay I get just one.

Her total comes to $2.70 with tax, she hands me a $20. I give her the change and as I grab the receipt…

Me: Would you like a bag for that?

At this point, my coworker arrives to cover my break as well as a younger couple.

Customer #1: No, is paper, no need.

Me: Alright, have a great day ma’am!

I throw away her receipt and within ten seconds..

Customer #1: Am I not getting a bag for this?

Me: *internal facepalm*

Both my coworker and one of the two customers waiting shoot Customer #1 an incredulous look. I give her a bag and she wanders off.

Coworker: Did she really say she didn’t need a bag, then make it seem like you never asked?

Me: This is why I question why I remain in retail.

Customer #2: I work in retail too and I’ve had similar experiences…I feel your pain.