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(I work in a large furniture store that has snacks and sweets in some areas available for purchase, a woman comes to my checkout with a single pack of biscuits in her son’s buggy)
Woman: Just the biscuits.
Me: Can you pass them up here so I can scan them please?
Woman: They’re 80p, just ring them in.
(I realise I won’t be getting them to scan so I use the quite slow product search to find them and enter the number that way)
Woman: This is taking ages, you should know how to use a till that you work on.
Me: Sorry, the system is a little bit slow today. It’s just loading up now. Okay, that’ll be £1.15.
Woman: No they’re 80p it says so on the shelf.
Me: They’re showing on the till at £1.15, where did you pick them up from I’ll call the department to check what the shelf price is in case there was an error.
Woman: Fine it was near the kitchen stuff.
(I call the department and assure her that it’ll only be a minute)
Me on phone: Hi, I have a customer here with [product name] and I’m just checking what the price on the shelf is.
(the department on the phone confirms that the shelf says £1.15, I thank him and turn to find the woman gone and the biscuits left on the floor. I assume she got sick of waiting and left. I put them under the till and continue serving customers from the quite large queue that had formed)

About half an hour later the woman turns up again, pushes her way up the queue.
Woman: You’re wrong. And I demand to speak to your manager.
Me: My floor manager is standing just over there (I point to a man a few feet away)
She wanders off and I can hear her shouting about how incompetent I am and that I was trying to scam her out of money and that she deserves compensation for the time I wasted.
In the end security came and escorted her out of the building.