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(I do tech support for a major cable company that provides TV, internet, and phone services. One of our services we provide is giving customers the option to install their own equipment. Occasionally we’ll get calls to activate, but this was a special case.)

Me: Thank you for calling [company], this is [my name] speaking. How may I assist you?

Customer: (sounds early 20s ish) Ya, we just picked up our box at the store today and we’re having trouble connecting it like…there’s nothing on the screen.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble connecting your equipment. I can definitely help with that. So to confirm your issue, this your cable box you’re trying to connect and you’re not getting a picture?

Customer: Yeah.

(I verify the account information and proceed with basic troubleshooting. The more questions I ask, however. The more confused I become with her actual problem.)

Me: (looking over account) I’m sorry, I’m not seeing where a cable box was added to your account today. Can you verify the serial number on the back. (I’m nervously thinking the service center forgot to add it to her account which would mean she’d have to go back.)

(She begins reading the SN for her WiFi router. It’s then that I begin to understand the problem.)

Me: Ah! I see. You’re looking at your router for the internet. I need the SN for your cable box.

Customer: Oh, umm. Actually… (hesitating). That’s what we’re trying to connect.

(I pause to collect myself.)

Me: OK. I understand. Have you tried connecting to the network name listed on the sticker on the bottom of the router?

Customer: Oh…no…right…I think…

(I hear her put the phone down and soon after, indistinct conversations in the background. Then suddenly a burst of laughter. She finally comes back to the phone after a minute.)

Customer: (giggling) Ya umm…I think we figured it out. (Powers TV on. I hear what sounds like a commercial.) Ya, the TVs working. Everything’s working. Bye! (continues giggling) *click*

Me: ….