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*My dad had recently gotten a call from tech support people, but, thinking that it was an automated message, he hung up. He called back later. This is partway through the call, and I overhear*

Dad: I got a message from one of your employees, but their voice was so garbled I thought it was a bot, and I hung up.
Call Technician: I’m sorry. But perhaps you could have listened to the message and then you would have known that it was important.
Dad: They sounded like an automated message, like this.
*He then proceeds to talk in a very garbled voice*
CT: Sir, I’m going to ask you to please not harass our employees-
Dad: I’m not harassing them! You need to teach them to ENUNCIATE.
*He over-pronounces every syllable of “enunciate”*
CT: Okay, sir. I’ll consider that statement.
Me: *facepalm*