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I’m the cashier in this situation. It’s been a long day and we’re closing in half an hour when a woman walks in, carrying a bundle of newspaper. I recognize her as I helped her two days prior.
Customer: “Hi! I was in here a few days ago to buy some plates, but I noticed the two sets I got were different brands. I have some other plates on hold that I’d like to exchange them for.”
Note our return policy is 24 hours, cash only, clothing only, and she doesn’t have a receipt. Something like this would require a manager, so I call him over. After checking our system, she returns.
Manager: “I’m sorry ma’am, but as per our return policy, I’m not allowed to return these items.”
Customer: “Are you serious?”
She turns to me, clearly furious.
Customer: “You knowingly sold me these salad plates with the others even though they were different brands!?
Manager: “That is no fault of my employees ma’am, but you can not return those plates. If you’d like, however, you could reconsign them with us to make some money back.”
In a huff the woman steps back, looks at the box of plates and cups on hold and storms out without another word. The kicker? The salad plates she bought would have returned her $8. The cups and plates would have cost well over $200!

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