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(I work at a popular pink and orange donut and coffee shop that makes it very obvious where you are when you’re there. We’re not busy so I notice when the lady comes into the store. I’m taking a group order so she has to wait in line for about five or seven minutes, ample time to see the store and hear our drive-thru workers greet our customers with “Welcome to (store)!” Finally, it’s her turn.)

Lady: (Whips out a gift card for a high end sandwich shop that is just down the street from us) “Am I correct in my understanding that every Wednesday for this month you’re giving away free bagels with gift card?”

Me: (Stares for about a minute in surprise.) “Ma’am, that’s a (Other store) card.”

Lady: “Okay? So?”

Me: (In shock) “Ma’am, this is (my store).”

Her: (Looks around like she hasn’t been here for the last ten minutes.) “Oh, this isn’t (other store)?”

How do you manage to stand in line in our store where there are about seven or eight posters with our name prominently displayed; me with a giant wall of donuts behind me; our greeting over headset; and of course, our cups, which all have our brand on them? She left like it was our fault we weren’t (other store).

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