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18 Times The Most Amazing Coincidences Happened!

| Right | December 6, 2022

Dear readers,

The world is such a big and random place that the craziest of coincidences happen so often that they’re not actually crazy, they’re just inevitable. This doesn’t detract from how memorable they are when they happen, though! Therefore we’ve rounded up eighteen stories from the Not Always Right archives about the craziest customer coincidences, from the perfect person being in the right place at the right time to serendipities so beautiful/ironic they defy all reason.

Please enjoy our archived stories about the most amazing coincidences in Not Always Right history!

As The Checkout Line Churns – If a store clerk ever needed to a reason to leave work early… it’s this!

These Are Not The Coins You Are Looking For – It’s nice that even after order 66, the Jedi just always seem to find each other.

If There Is A God, He Obviously Owns A Dog – Yet more reasons why you should never joke with a customer!

Employee Of The Year, Part 2 – It’ll be a cold day in Hull before this happens.

The Right Place At The Wrong Time – Back when this stuff was illegal, this actually happened quite a lot!

Bad Customers Are A Sign Of The End Times – See what God-given perfect timing looks like!

Has No Problem Espresso-ing Herself – When coffee is both the problem and the solution.

First Impressions Lead To Confessions – Keep that interview going until the police arrive!

Displaying Full Evidence Of Idiocy – Criminals come self-arresting now!

You’ll Find That In The Irony Section – Like that time I refused to ask for help finding the book “How To Ask For Directions.”

Kookie Cookie Karma – Fortune cookies are usually vague, but for this one, we remain hopeful.

You Got The Wrong(est) Number, Part 3 – Careful with the mental imagery!

The Best Of Intentions, The Worst Of Retentions – Half the battle is remembering you have a problem.

A Man Of Many Faces, All Of Them Dumb – In what universe did they possibly think this would ever work?

Holy F***, Indeed – You pray to God with that mouth?

Caught Red-Handed – Never speak for another store – you never know who might be listening.

A Picture Perfect Resolution – The perfect timing requires the perfect reaction.

Been Waiting For 25 Years To Say That – Good music always finds its way back to you.


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