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19 Old Folk Who Have Absolutely No Filter

| Right | November 14, 2022

Dear readers,

One of the benefits of growing older (so we’ve been told) is that with age comes a total lack of giving a crap about what others think of you, combined with the confidence of saying what you want when you want to. The stereotypical image of the sweet old granny is actually a clever disguise for a cunning and wizened soul which BS will bounce off of and back toward the poor fool who thought they could take an advantage of an “old-timer.”

We’ve rounded up nineteen stories from the Not Always Right archives about people of a certain age who have absolutely zero filter. They can be hilarious, shocking, and usually offensive, but never boring! Please enjoy!

Final warning: some of what these older folk say can be very offensive!


Her Filter Melted In The Heat – Hits from the comments: “That was certainly a biting remark.”

Sweater Mystery Unravels – Ahhh, the post-shopping-high regret phase…

Age Is Only A Social Security Number – Doesn’t that come out of paychecks automatically, anyway?

Pray He Doesn’t Sit Behind You – At least he doesn’t just use the floor like some people would.

Saigon, And Thanks For The Memories – Uh… have a nice time?

Hoochie Grannies, Gotta Love ‘Em – Hits from the comments: “I went through a blue eyeshadow phase. In my teens. In the ’80s.”

Don’t Ask For Chocolate Drops – Someone really needs to make a Trendy-Coffee-Language-to-English dictionary.

Over The Hill And Picking Up Speed – I have so many questions, but I know it’s not worth it.

Not Being Paid To Navel Gaze – N O P E.

Express (Death) Row – Y’all ever watch that British show, Waiting For God? I just remembered it for some reason.

Excess Of XY – Hits from the comments: “They had ‘that’ back then, too; you just didn’t know about it.”

How To Ensure A Blanc Stare – Make a cheesy joke, get one back. Seems fair.

See No Evil, Grope No Evil – So… he wasn’t joking?

Taking It Old School – Not even gonna give it the old college try?

Have Age, Will Complain – You have the right to b****, and we have the right to laugh at you for it.

It’s How Old Folks Say I Love You – Come back! You didn’t answer the question!

When Customers Attack – Not to be dramatic, but… ASSAULT!

How To Tell You’ve Lowered Your Standards – He’s not wrong, but like… weird.

Marital Bliss, In All Its Forms, Part 2 – I’ve been married for almost a decade and it’s really not that bad.


We hope you enjoyed this Filterless-Old-Folk-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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