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14 Feel-Good Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

, | Right | July 10, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the month again to prepare for the feels, and re-establish a little hope for humanity!

Rounded up below are fifteen inspirational stories from the month of June.


There Is A Pot Of Feel-Good Gold At The End Of This Rainbow – To borrow from the comments, watch out for the onions on this pizza!

If Only More People Were Like This Study Buddy – Sometimes reaching out a little is all it takes.

Tomatoh-My-God! – At least it wasn’t tomato sauce.

Put Some Pep In Your Step – This poor boss can only take so much perky!

Sometimes A Little Pick-Me-Up Picks You Up A Lot – Sometimes the universe knows when you need a boost.

You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar – This is a brief case of kind customers and kinder workers!

A Typical Good Versus Evil Story – You can’t stop bad customers, but you can sweeten the deal.

This Story Has A Goodie Ending – Nobody is too old for stickers and color-changing pencils.

Fixed It Like Clockwork – Patience and kindness always pay off in the end.

You Never Know What You Might Find On These Hiking Trails – An incredible coincidence that will leave you smiling.

Bringing About Positive Change – Five dollars to one person is a life-saver to another.

This Day Went From Zero To One Hundred Just Like That – There’s generous tippers, and then there’s this customer.

Kind Strangers Pull More Than Their Own Weight – Travel is a little less stressful with kind strangers like this around.

Some Days, Snacks Are Everything – Snacks aren’t necessarily essential, but kindness is!


We hope you liked our feel-good roundup! If you want even more feel-good stories you can find some here!

Got your own story to restore faith in humanity? Share it here!

Stay safe, everyone!