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(I’m a cashier at a wine and beer store, and unfortunately for us, we have a “No Customer Complaints” policy. It’s especially tough for me, since I’d never worked in retail before, but it usually means we hand out discounts like candy to angry people. One not-so-busy day, a customer came up with a huge basket of various single beers, including four 750ml bottles of a ginger beer. He wasn’t happy when I rang them up.)

Me: And your total is [total], sir. Are you a loyalty member?

Customer: *ignores my question* Wait, what did those ginger things ring up as!?

Me: Looks like they’re $19.99 each.

Customer: Well the sign for them said $1.99! I wanna buy them at $1.99 each! Otherwise it’s false advertising!

Me: (with wide eyes) Well that’s… certainly strange. I don’t know why they’d have a dollar-ninety-nine tag if they’re this expensive. I can’t imagine who would have put these there. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’d be able to give you that much of a price change.

Customer: Let me see your manager!

Me: …Okay.

(I walk over to the office area next to the registers and explain the situation to the MOD, and the customer walks back to the aisle where he found the beers, presumably to double-check the tag. MOD agrees that his request is far too ridiculous. She walks over to him and, a few minutes later, they walk back to the register.)

MOD: Well, the tag did say $1.99, but it wasn’t for the same product. It’s for a 12-oz bottle. Sir, I’m sorry, but we can’t reduce the price.

Customer: Well then I won’t buy them!! If I can’t have them for $1.99 each, I won’t buy them!!

(Nodding, I void the ginger beers from the transaction and put them aside.)

Me: So that brings you down to [new total], sir.

Customer: I’m tellin’ ya, I’d have given the customer the lower price, were I in your position! Just sayin’! It’s false advertising. FALSE ADVERTISING.

Me: I’m sorry, but it’s just too big of a difference to–

Customer: Still false advertising!

(He buys the other beers and stomps out, mumbling.)

Me: …Have a nice day.