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Tenant walks into our office and is obviously flustered. Her vehicle was towed after she did not follow proper procedure for our complex.

Tenant: I need to talk to a manager!
Me: Ok, I’m a manager, what can I help you with?
Tenant: Well my car was towed and I was specifically told that I could park behind my house without getting towed!
Me: Ok, did you have your parking tag up?
Tenant: Well no, but I have lived here for three years and haven’t received any notification about getting towed if I didn’t do that.
Me: Ok, hold on. (I proceed to print every email about said tenant’s parking tag and parking procedures for the past 3 years.)
Me: Are you ( her name)?
Tenant: Yes.
Me: And your email address is (generic email address)?
Tenant: Yes.
Me: Well here is copy of every email that we have sent there since we updated our system 3 years ago.
Tenant: I never got those, must have gone to my junk email!
Me: Well it says here that they were opened.
Tenant: Either way, I didn’t know! I demand that you call your higher ups and make them let my vehicle out for free!
Me: Well I can’t do that because they don’t work on the weekends, but I can get it released for a reduced fee.
Tenant: This is bullsh*t! I demand to speak with someone else.
Me: Ma’am, I can’t do that.
Tenant begins storming out in a fit of rage: My mom is going to call to yell at you!
Me: Have a nice day