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Im Selling Our old Couch Table online. Its a popular Ikea One, and was over 100€ new. Our cats left Some Marks on it, but its just to much of a shame to throw away and with new Baby Twins we just Need every Euro. Due to the Not perfekt condition and Wanting to get rid of it fast, i put it up for 15€. Views Go up fast and i arrange with somebody to Come Look at it Almost Minutes After submitting the Ad. One Potential Customer Writes me like this:

User: “its garbage and you should put it in the trash.”

After i dort respond to that i get more Messages from mr. Helpfull.

User:” if somebody Drives Out and Sees the condition, they will sue you for the Time and Money Spend Getting there. Better take the Ad down and throw it Away.”
User: ” you know its illegal to sell Damaged Merchandise anyway, Right? You coukd Go to jail for that. Im a lawyer, so i should know.”
This is Getting to dumb for me, i know he wants me to give it to hin for free, but his Stick is just to unbelieveable. I finally answer.

Me: ” Are you sure? I mean i dont want to get in Trouble….”
User: “definetly. You could throw it Away, but you would have to Pay for disposal. But i could help with that. I live Not für away and could dispose of it for you for free. Just give me your Adress and i will be Right over.”

Me:”gee, ill Look up disposal Costs and take down the Ad when i find something.”
User:”no, i will Save you the Money, just Tell me your Adress!.”

Well Arent you a Kind One….
I leave hin to simmer over that while i sell the Table to a very nice Student for Who Even Gives me a 20€ Bill for it “for the Babies”.
I take down the Ad and respond mr. Helpfull lawyer.

Me: “youre right, please help me, i live at (Road, number), and i just put the Table in the frontyard so you Can pick it up. Thank you so much.”
User: “i will be Right there”

I send hin to the Adress of the lokal Recycling Center and Blocked the User.

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