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I’m at a chain pet store, buying cat food.

Me: By the way, if I buy a couple of tennis balls, would you be willing and able to make two cuts on them so I can put them on the legs of my walker? (I point to the walker, which has worn thru the tennis balls.)

Employee (voice flat, pacing slow): I don’t have a knife.

Me: Well, could you ask around and see if there’s someone who has a knift? Or an Exacto-Knife? Like you’d use for opening cartons of stuff?

Employee: I can ask I guess.

He finds an Exacto-knife, manages to cut open two tennis balls, and puts them on my walker legs.

Me: Thank you! May I talk with a manager, so I can tell him or her what a big help you’ve been?

Cashier: He IS the manager!