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So I work in a department store that has a large auto department directly to the right of the entrance.The housewares department (where I work)is directly to the left,and hardware (where I cover if needed)along with the paint desk is straight to the back of the store.We have massive(like 8ft tall lettering) signs over each department and Auto even has its own entrance and tills.STILL at least a few times a week I get this:

Customer (at the paint desk or elsewhere in hardware):Where are your fuses?

Me(thinking they mean for a house)Aisle 13-points

A few moments later customer comes stomping back looking pissed

Customer:NO!You sent me to the wrong place.I want fuses for a car?!?(looks at me like I’m the dipshit)

Me: Oh then it’d be in Automotive,Aisle 5(points them to the aisle which says Car+Truck Fuses right under the number 5 which they had to walk past to get to me at the paint desk)

Me:Headdesks hoping someone will come to take over Hardware soon.