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(I’m stocking the buffet, prepping the pizzas, and taking personal orders from customers – basically handling at least a two-person job – and another customer from about a family of four orders a pizza)

Customer: “Hi, can you make us a Vegetarian Pizza? We’re all vegetarians, and the only pizza we can eat on the buffet right now is cheese.”

Me: “No problem, I’ll get it right out for you.”

(Usually, this is not a problem, but since we were under-staffed that day, it definitely WAS a stressful break in the routine. But it was my job, so I was perfectly fine with it.)

(I make the request order)

Customer: “Oh, wait. Can you make the Vegetarian pizza with the sausage and ham and stuff on it?.”

(I sit there in total confusion for a full second, then spot a Supreme pizza in the buffet – one that had been there the whole time. I point to it.)

Me: “Like this one?”

Customer: “Yeah, exactly! Thanks!”

(She starts to grab slices of the Supreme pizza and I watch in confusion as her family also eats the Supreme pizza, which is COVERED IN MEAT)