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(It should be noted that I work in an adult store, and at this point, I have been working there for about seven months now. I don’t look like the type of person that would work in an adult store, so I’m used to getting questions about how I ended up working in the store as well as people trying to find out about my sex life because they think I don’t know anything about any of the items that we sell. Right now, there is only two people in the store, myself and a customer. I’ve been answering all sorts of question that he is throwing my way about a variety of products.)

Customer: You sure know a lot, you must be the owner!

Me: Oh no, I’m just an employee. But I do my research on our products so that I know what I’m talking about.

Customer: Oh. Well, how did you end up working here?

Me: I happened to shop here before I started working here. One day my boyfriend and I were going past when he noticed a help wanted sign. I wanted to work closer to home so I applied and got the job. As simple as that.

(I shrug and walk away so that I can fix our lube display. About ten minutes later, he asks some more questions and I answer them quite easily as they are questions I get on a regular basis on our products for men.)

Customer: You sure know a lot about the products here!

Me: Think of it this way, would you rather somebody work here that knows what they are doing, or somebody who has no idea what any of the products are that wouldn’t be able to help you?

Customer: Oh….I guess that makes sense.

(By this point, I’m getting a bit irritated because he keeps trying to ask personal questions about what I’ve used, and I have had to tell him multiple times that what I like, his wife might not like as well as telling him that I am not comfortable answering such personal questions. Thankfully, he pays for his items fairly soon after that and leaves.)