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(In my department, I am usually am the one who gets stuff or brings it away. This especially goes for the paper bin, which can weigh up to several hundreds of kilograms when it’s full. However, some elderly ladies I work with seem to think that they are above doing anything physical, no matter how easy it is.)

Elderly Coworker: “Did anyone already tell you the paper bin is full?”

(No, they did not. Because if they had, I would have changed it already, obviously.)

Me: “No, not yet.”

Elderly Coworker: “Oh, I had seen it was full already, but I assumed someone else would tell you. But just a moment ago I saw it hadn’t been changed yet.”

Me: “Next time, better tell me immediately. If everyone here would assume someone else will tell me, nobody will tell me in the end.”

Elderly Coworker: *somewhat defensive* “Well, I think I’m the only one who ever tells you anyway!”

1. No, she’s not.
2. If she were: so what? It’s not as if it’s a very hard job to tell me the bin is full. If it is, you better call the hospital now because it means you’re so weak you wouldn’t survive a day at the office.
3. If you think you’re the only one who ever tells me, why assume someone else will tell me in the first place?
4. Assuming is not knowing. If you assume somebody else will do the thing you ignored, it probably won’t be done at all.