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I’m a hostess at a restaurant that runs almost entirely off reservations, Saturday’s especially. We are a chain and have another location in Wilmington, NC, that people mistakenly call all the time, a party of 6 did just that one Saturday night.
Costumer: Hi! Reservation for [name].
Me: I’m sorry sir, I don’t see your reservation, could it be under a different name?
Costumer: No! No other name, I called and made a reservation about a week ago
Me: I’m sorry, you’re not in our system, you could have possibly made a reservation at our Wilmington, NC location, it happens very often.
I tell the party at this point we can get them in in about an hour and a half, which the older getleman scoffs at and says no way, even after we offer to comp their dessert.
Another member of the party comes to the hoststand, the grandfather holding his 3 or 4 year old grandson: This is f***ing ridiculous! How do you not have our table? We called and made a reservation! I demand you seat us!
Me: I’m sorry sir, but all of our tables are currently reserved, let me call the other location to see if they have your reservation.
At this point I call my manger over, who proceeds to tell the party the same thing. I call the other location, turns out they made the reservation for Wilmington, NC, not our location.
Me: Sir, you’ve made your reservation for the Wilmington, NC location, which I’ve told them to go ahead and cancel, but I’m sorry an hour and a half with free dessert is the best I can offer you at this point.
Costumer: This is completely unprofessional, you should be ashamed! We’ll never eat here again!
They storm out, while my manager simply stares after them.
Manager: if they come back in an hour and a half, asking to be sat, DO NOT seat them. Come and get me and I’ll kick them out.
We have never, not once, kicked a costumer out…