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(I am in Wales staying with my grandparents in my gap year, since I arrive I have started volunteering pushing a trolley that sells newspapers, sweets, crisps, and toiletries. We sell them to the patients and any profit we make goes back into the hospital. Most of our customers are very old and up until this point have been lovely and understanding that the Welsh accent can sometimes throw me off and I’m having to get used to the prices of all the products, but this man was not so understanding)
Man: *quietly mumbled what he wants in a thick accent*
Me: “I’m sorry what was that?”
Man: *still mumbling unintelligibly just angrier this time*
Me: “I’m really sorry but I can’t understand”
Man: *More agressive mumbling and the biggest death glare I’ve ever seen*
(At this point I know this isn’t going to go anywhere so I get my coworker, who has lived in Wales her whole life, to try and help this man. As she’s helping him I hear this exchange)
Coworker: “I’m sorry sir, [My name] is over from Australia, and she’s just started here”
Man: *finally speaking at a reasonable volume* “Damn foreigners need to learn to speak english!”
(my coworker and I didn’t even know how to respond to that, luckily we managed not to laugh until we made it out of the room)

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