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Customer: I need help finding ink for my granddaughter’s printer. She said she needs this one *hands me a paper with the cartridge number on it*
Me: Ok, it’s over here. It says here that she want you to get the colour and the black, so here’s the combo pack.
Customer: Oh. Hmm. I don’t think she wants colour.
Me: Ok, it just says on the paper here that she does.
Customer: Oh. Ok. I have $40. Will it be more than 40$?
Me: Yes, the combo back is $63. But actually, I’m sorry I forgot that our single packs are on sale. If you buy 2, then you save $10. So it might be cheaper for you to get them individually. It’ll still be more than $40, though.
Customer: Oh. How much?
(I look at the prices and do the quick math in my head)
Me: Buying the colour and black individually will be about $55 plus tax.
Customer: Oh. But I only have $40
Me: Yes, unfortunately if you buy both, it’ll cost more than $40
Customer: What about the combo pack?
Me: The combo pack is even more expensive. Buying them individually will be less expensive right now, but it will still be more than $40
Customer: Oh no… Oh, maybe this person can help us. (she turns to another customer looking for her own ink) Excuse me, maybe you can help us instead. I’m looking for this ink cartridge here.
(The second customer looks at her strangely and then sort of looks at me, and then back to the first customer)
Me: Um… I don’t… I don’t understand. What’s the problem?
Customer: Oh, well I don’t know. How much to buy the ink separately?
Me: like I said before, it will be about $55 plus tax
Customer: Oh. Well ok.