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I work at the toll booths of an amusement park that has several Sister parks/attractions in the town and in different states. Employees of the sister attractions get in for free as long as they bring a current employee ID and/or recent check stub. I’ve just had a couple pull up that say they work for one of our sister attractions, but don’t have anything to prove it. While the boyfriend has a check stub, it is not for any of our companies and the girlfriend is not happy. We have gone back and forth for a bit.

Girlfriend: I can’t find my ID but he has his check stub. Why won’t that work?

Me: Because is says [other company]. I need something that shows you work for [sister company] such as your employee ID or [sister company] check stub.

Girlfriend: Unbelievable! Fine I’ll just pay. It’s [amount]?

Me: No it’s [slightly higher amount]

Girlfriend: This is un-freaking-believable! (she hands me the money) I’m GOING to tell them that you me pay!

I just shrug, hand her the receipt, and tell her to have a nice day as they drive off.

Coworker: Yeah, like it’s really your fault she didn’t bring anything to prove that she actually works there.

I couldn’t help but laugh as things like this happen far too often.