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(I was walking past the tablecloths and an older lady was rummaging through our clearance bins.)
me: Can I help you find a particular size?
her: Oh, yes.
me: how many people does your table sit?
her: six
me: okay, and what does it look like? Is it square? Rectangle…
her: round
me: is it a circle, or an oval?
her: it’s round.
(I flip over one of the packages and point to the sizing chart complete with pictures of different table shapes)
me: does it look like this? (points to circle) or this? (points to oval)
her: oh, that one. (points to oval)
me: okay, then you need an oblong tablecloth.
her: but it’s round.
me: Round is for tables that are a perfect circle. Oblong will be what fits your table if it’s an oval.
her: but it’s round.
(takes a breath)
me: I know that the ends are rounded, but one side is longer than the other right?
her: (nods)
me: Okay, then you need an oblong.
her: but it’s round!
(this went on for fifteen minutes before she walked away with the right tablecloth. Sadly not the first time it’s happened.)