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Customer: Hi, can I please have two small coffees, black?
Me: Okay, that will be $3.00, please.
Customer: Alright, I’ll be using my gift card.
(Customer swipes her card)
Me: Okay, ma’am, your card is empty now. It only had $0.81 on it, so I need $2.19.
Customer: WHAT!?!?!? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! I just used this card yesterday and it had $9.00 on it!! There must be something wrong with your machine!!!
Me: I’m sorry, my register is saying that there was only $0.81 on it. If you wouldn’t mind finishing this payment, I can see if I can figure out the problem with your card. I just need $2.19, please.
Customer: There’s no way this only had a few cents on it, I know it had $9.00 yesterday!! Something is wrong with your computer!! I had another card that had less than a dollar on it, but I threw it away so I could use this one instead!
Me: With all due respect ma’am, is it possible that you threw away the $9.00 card by mistake?
Customer: Wow…I’m really an idiot, aren’t I?
(She ended up finding the other card in her purse a few minutes later)