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I work in a County Courthouse. Much of my day is printing old record documentation for customers. A woman comes in wanting copies of her husband’s arrest records. Despite looking under every conceivable spelling and combination of his name, I cannot locate any records from our county.

Me: Ma’am. I am not finding any records for your husband. When did the arrest take place? (I was thinking perhaps it was an absurdly old case that may require searching the microfiche)

Her: Oh, it was from 2007.

Me: Records from 2007 should be on the computer. I’m not finding anything. Does your husband have a hyphenated name by chance?

Her: No. I don’t understand why you can’t find him. I have copies right here, I just need court certified ones.

Me thinking to myself, it would have been way easier to give me that to start with since there would be a case number on those documents…She hands over the documents. I look at them and just what to slam my head against the desk.

ME: Ma’am these records are from Maryland. You would need to contact the county he was arrested in to find out how much they charge for certified copies and where to send the request, payment, and self addressed stamped envelope for them to process the request.

Her: You mean you can’t do it? I have the documents right here. I just need them certified.

Me: Ma’am, that’s not how this works. I can only provide you with certified copies of records from this county. I can only certify documents that I have personally looked up, printed, and verified as accurate.

Her: But I just need you to certify them!

This went round and round for awhile. I don’t think she ever got it. Eventually she stormed out, still muttering that she just needed them certified. Sadly this happens very frequently.