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I work in a pizza chain restaurant and a customer calls to complain about the order they just received. The driver hasn’t had time to return to the store.
Me: thanks for calling [pizza chain] my name is [name] how can I help you?
Customer: the pizza we ordered didn’t come with the pepperoni we asked for. And the wings we got had bones in them!
Me: oh I’m so sorry about the pizza. We have two types of chicken, nuggets and wings. Wings have bones in them.
Customer: oh I guess that explains why the wings had bones.
(Thinking to myself Duh! Chickens have bones!)
Me: Let me get my manager to help you with the pizza issue.

I placed the customer on hold and got my manager.

Ps To me “boneless wings” aren’t wings they are rebranded chicken nuggets. Wings must have bones to be wings!

This customer had a bone to pick with me about there being bones in her chicken wings. I make no bones about it. This one is dumb.

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What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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