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I don’t actually do technical support, but I have made several mods for video games. For several people on the internet, this somehow designates me as their personal video game assistance guru.

Two particular “customers” come to mind:

the guy who wanted to play as a tree, and acted like I was being rude when I tried to explain to him that he couldn’t play as a tree because trees don’t …move

and this guy:
Backstory: this person had come to me the previous day telling me he needed my help. It turns out that he just wanted me to play his game with him. Which I really didn’t have time for. The next day, this conversation occurs:

Customer: “I need help.”
Me: “You didn’t seem to need help earlier.”
Customer: “Now I do.”
Me: What do you need help with?

*he doesn’t respond for several minutes*
Customer: “Ok, come to my game.”
Me: “But what do you need help with?”
Customer: “Help me.”
Me: “With what?”
Customer: “I need help.”
Me: “I have to know what you need help with before I can help you.”
Customer: “I Ned help.”
Me: “Ask Ned, then.”

not the first nor the last conversation like this I’ve had with this person.

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