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(I’m the idiot customer in this story, and have to give much thanks to the staff for their patience! It had been a long week preparing for the funeral of a friend/coworker when I decided to finally pull the trigger on a tattoo that I had wanted for about a year. Living in a small town doesn’t give me too many options so when I got to a large city I decided it was time. I called before I went in to make sure they had time to do the work, it was after I arrived that my idiocy started.)

Tattoo Artist: Hi I’m S(for short) what are you wanting to get done?
Me: Hi I would like a Thor’s Hammer
S: Cool, Do you have any ideas that you would like to go with?
Me: Not really, just a Thor’s Hammer.
S: Do you want it in color?
Me: No I want it in Blue. ( should have been his first indication that I can be an idiot sometimes, but he let it slide.)
S: Alright, give me 20-30 minutes to draw up something.

I sat down, as he disappeared into the back to work. Now it must be said I love old Norse Mythology, I don’t really watch too many movies, or read comic books so I always forget about the Comic book version of Thor. When he came back a little more than 30 minutes later I was horrified. He had drawn up a really good looking Thor’s hammer from the comic/movie series. Had I been into that version, I would have gotten that tattoo in a heart beat.

Me: That looks great, but it’s the wrong Thor.

At this point he dug in a little further, having me show him a picture of what I had in mind. My thoughts started to come together a little better, and I explained to him that I like old tattoo styles, as in ancient tattoos. Think Ragnar, and Rollo from T.V.’s Vikings, think of that color of blue which when he had drawn it up a second time was exactly the color I wanted. After he went to the back of the studio to draw up another design, and after my repeated apologies, he returned with exactly what I wanted. I explained that when I talk about the Mjolinr, Thor’s hammer in old Norse mythology, he knew what I meant, but when most people talk about Thor, the comic book is what they mean. It was actually a rather pleasant session, well as pleasant as having a needle inject ink into your skin can be. Well, after he got the outline finished, me resisting the urge to look at it until it was finished he says…

S: we got the outline done, now I’m going to start on the blue.
Me, looking down at this point: Wait, I wanted the outline in blue, (Now seeing its done in black, and honestly loving the work he has done). Now I’m not complaining this looks great, I love it, but I meant the outline to be done in blue.

I could see the look of horror on his face, as he had just permanently marked me, I had to reassure him that it was great, and it was my fault for not conveying my idea properly. It was a long week, with 18 hour days, and at most 4 hours of sleep for about 4 days, so it was my fault for going in the first place, plus add that I hadn’t properly grieved for my friend. after he shaded in the tattoo, I looked in the mirror, and loved the work he had done! I need to get more ink work done, and will definitely go back to this tattoo studio to finish up my other ink work. My point here is, when it is a permanent alteration to your body, don’t be an idiot like me. I got lucky, you might walk out with a tattoo you hate, and its there forever. And yes a tip was left.