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I was working the late-night shift at a popular burger chain, and was taking and passing out orders in the drive thru. I take an order for a car full of teenagers, and they pull up to the window. Nothing strange so far.

Me: “Hi, ($Total) please, how are you tonight?”
[Driver and customers stare blankly at me]
Me (slightly unnerved): “Um… ($Amount) is your change).

I turn away, only to hear a loud THUMP from outside the window. I look out, and see… Well… It’s an phallic object often used by women for enjoyment (trying to keep it clean here) suction cupped to the drivers door. I walk away, and return with his food, not saying a word

Customer: Go ahead, you can look at it if you want.
Me: I’d prefer not to, actually. Have a great night!

I turn, walk away, and question why I had to see any of this.

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