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(I work at a popular fast food restaurant, and we had a deal going at the time where you could get two select menu items for 2 dollars. It often changed depending on what corporate wanted. This particular item mentioned below had not been on the menu for months. )

Me: (Opens window) “Hello, did you have the two muffins?”
Customer: “M’hm.”
Me: “$2.53 please.”
Customer: “No, it’s on the 2 for 2. It’s 2.12.”
Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, it was removed from the 2 for 2 menu.”
Customer: “What the hell! You need to stop doing this shit, I’m going to stop coming to (Company)!” (Hands card roughly).
Me: (Mentally.) “Would you, please, today. Right now?”
Me: (Actually.) “Have a nice day!” (Hands card and slams window shut.)

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