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(I was working at the retail store in my town one day when there was a page to our electronics department. I walked over and see two older women standing at the customer assistance button)
Woman 1: Hi, we are looking for coloring books and there aren’t any by your arts and crafts.
Me: There should still be some over there but there are also some on a display by our service desk.
Woman 1: They aren’t over there we already looked. How can you work here and not know where they are?
Me: Ma’am unless we are all out of them they should be there, they haven’t moved in the year and a half I’ve worked here.
(There are poles in different areas of the store with customer assistance buttons and stationary phones to make pages)
Woman 1: (looking at the page phone) Well can’t we call someone on this phone and ask them where they are?
Me: No ma’am I am the only one working on the floor right now, I can show you where they should be if you’d like.
Woman 1: Fine.
(We begin to walk to the other side of the store to the school & office section where the coloring books are. Along the way we pass our seasonal section which is full of school supplies since it is July. I walk past it since that isn’t where our normal coloring supplies are year round).
Woman 1: Oh, we didn’t look over here we looked down there (pointing at the seasonal section)
Me: Okay, well they’re right here. Anything else I can help you with?
Woman 1: No.
Me: (Smiling even though I’m pissed) Okay. Have a nice day.