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(I am a dog food specialist at the local petstore, a new customer comes in and this is the convo.)

Customer: “Hi, I need some dog food, my dog can not have grain what soever, he gets very sick”
So i explain to her the different kinds of food and show her the kind I feed my dog, as he has the same issue.

Customer: “No, to exsensive. Ill continue to feed them dog chow. That doesnt have grain at all.”

Me: “Ma’am, with respect, that food has grain and corn in it”

Customer: ” No it doesnt, I read the label. Doesnt say anything about grain an corn. Your lying.”


Customer: “see” *pulls bag and shows me ingredients* “oh, yellow corn.. they changed the bag! This is old! How dare they lie and you guys lie!!” *storms out of store*

Me: “well then..hope her dog is doing ok..”