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I was working the night shift at a hotel with an attached restaurant in downtown Ketchikan. Part of my duties included setting up the continental breakfast bar. Around 0100, after the cleaners finished and left, I went through the restaurant for the breakfast supplies. I had my back turned to the door between the restaurant and the hotel when I heard a shuffling noise. Since the lights were off in the hotel (I had good night-vision), I turned to see a silhouette of a rotund man wandering in through the door.
Me: Can I help you, sir?
Man: “Dreeee?”
Me: Um, what?
Man: “Dreeeeee?” (At this point I could tell that the individual was drooling like a running faucet)
Me: Ohhh, you want a DRINK?
Man: *Nods vigorously* Yuh.
Me: I’m sorry, but the bar is closed. I can’t help you.
Man: *Looking downcast* Aw. ‘Kay.
The man shuffled out, and I assumed he had left, so I continued setup. The bell at the hotel desk dinged. I walked in and there he was, creating a nice little drool-puddle on my recently-cleaned desk.
To save time, the short ending is: I eventually got him settled on the bench while I called the police to come help the gentleman. It had turned out that he was… mentally handicapped, and living in an assisted-living home a couple miles away. He’d decided to (allegedly) take someone else’s paycheck and have himself a night on the town. The police department had been hunting him all night.