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(The dining hall I work at is all-you-can-eat, so you pay a fixed price – or use a meal swipe – when you enter. I got off work at 4:30, and I’m getting dinner at 8. I haven’t bothered to change out of the school T-shirt I’m wearing. Someone comes up to me, looking nervous.)

CUSTOMER: “Hey, I’m stealing some sugar packets.”

(Even if you haven’t ordered a to-go box, you’re still allowed to take out whatever food you can carry, so I see nothing wrong here. I call for my manager, though, just to be sure.)

CUSTOMER: *blushing* “I’ve run out of sugar at home, so I’m stealing some packets. Is that okay?”

MANAGER: “Of course! Go ahead.”

(The customer lets out a huge sigh of relief and grabs his sugar packets and the rest of his meal.)

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