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(I’m a cashier at a big name grocery store. My store was recently renovated and we got new registers. A man and his wife come through my register…)
Me: Hello, how are you today?
Man: What the f**k is wrong with this place?!
Me: Excuse me sir?
Man: These new registers are ridiculous!
(The new registers are slightly smaller than the old ones.)
Me: (agreeing with the man) Yes, well they are a little more different but the get the job done!
Man: What do you know?! You’re just a cashier at [name of store]! Plus you’re a woman, women don’t know anything! They can’t do math or english, the only job for a woman is in the kitchen!
(His wife starts to laugh at me and I am becoming slightly confused/offended.)
Me: Well sir, I’ll have you know I am currently attending [name of university] for Mechanical Engineering, and I think I know more about mathematics and machine structure than you do. Now please take your receipt and have a great day!
(At this point this man is fuming and his wife completely shocked at what I had just said)
Man: *Snatches the receipt from my hand and him and his wife storm out*