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(I am ringing up a woman’s purchases. She seems a little off, as she keeps talking to herself and making odd gestures with her hands, but other than that seems normal)

Me: Hello. Find everything okay?

Customer: …Yes. (Starts placing her items on the counter, talking to herself)

(I ring up her items, which mostly consist of bags of candy and individually wrapped candy, especially peppermint patties. As I’m ringing one up, another accidentally falls on the floor. I pick it up within two seconds after it fell)

Customer: EEEWWW!! EEEWWWW! (Starts shaking her hands and bouncing around like a little kid that has just touched something gross).

(I am surprised by this reaction, as most customers don’t usually make a fuss if something falls, especially something wrapped)

Me: Are you okay ma’am?

Customer: Eww! That’s disgusting! (hands flapping around like a bird) I don’t want that!

Me: Are you sure ma’am? It’s still completely sealed in it’s wrapper, and it hasn’t actually touched the floor. It’s not open at all, so it should still be perfectly safe to eat.

Customer: Eww! OH GOD! Ewww! No, I DON’T WANT THAT!!! (She is almost in tears at this point, recoiling back from the register like she saw a ghost behind me.)

Me: …Okay. (I void the peppermint patty off of her order and place it in the bin under the register. I continue ringing up the rest of her items. Give her her change and she hurries away still flapping around muttering “Eww!” repeatedly under her breath.)

I think it was the most bizarre reaction I’ve seen to dropped, wrapped food.