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(I’m a bagger at a grocery store. I’m pretty quick, and the cashier I usually work with is the fastest there. One day, the place is packed and we’re all working our fastest to get people out the door. Even though I’m working the lane next to the Express, our line is moving faster because everyone has one or two items, whereas everyone in the Express lane is pushing the 15 item limit. One man keeps looking over, and I think he’s debating switching lines, until he leans into our line to talk to my cashier…)

Man: You need to slow down.

Cashier: I’m sorry?

Man: You need to slow down. This is the Express lane, it’s supposed to be the fastest.

Cashier: Oh, well, you’re welcome to come over to this line.

Man: No! I’m in the Express lane! You need to slow down.

(He points to the customer we’ve just finished helping as she heads toward the exit.)

Man: She got in line after me, I should get to go first!

(We just stared at him, because neither of us knew what to say. Luckily, he was next and just grumbled and glared as his own cashier helped him.)

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