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This isn’t funny-or in the right format. I was just reading through and started thinking about some of the amazing customers we had in Joplin.

There was an old man who always wanted to talk about new music.

There was a man who came through and bought all the cheapest CDs, looking for something magical that hadn’t been recognized.

There was a woman whose smile could lift up a room. She was so kind and genuine, and always made sure to show her love to others. She was dying of cancer. One day her husband came in alone and I couldn’t bear to ask why she wasn’t with him.

There were plenty of amazing customers who I never saw again after the tornado, and just hoped we hadn’t lost.

There was one young couple who had survived, crawling out of Walmart’s wreckage, who I have free sodas for life…. Until the store closed.

You can meet some amazing people too, in retail, if you try to.